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A City Of Possibilities: Reykjavík’s Natural And Cultural Attractions

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or saving up for your first vacation in years, it’s natural to want something a little out of the ordinary - the kind of trip which leads to treasured memories and stories worth telling. With its unique culture and ancient history, Reykjavík might be the perfect way to satisfy your craving for something unusual and exciting. No matter what you’re looking for from your trip, you’ll always have plenty of options to choose from when exploring Reykjavík, and the Capital Inn makes the perfect launching pad for your adventures.

Reykjavík’s Natural Splendor

Many visitors to the city come in search of the kind of startling beauty that can only be found in Iceland. Located on the southern coast, Reykjavík boasts a wide array of natural attractions: a wild, jagged coastline, the awe-inspiring Golden Waterfall and Laugardalur Park’s cultivated beauty. Some sights lend themselves to long tours by foot or by car, professionally or self-guided so research before your trip and decide exactly how much time you want to allocate each sight or attraction. Audio tours are available at many attractions, allowing visitors the freedom to stop and start as they choose while benefiting from professional knowledge. If you prefer to meet the natural world head-on, biking tours along the coast and in wilder areas are also available. However, visitors interested in these more athletic tours should check that their travel insurance covers hiking, mountain biking, or whatever else they may be interested in. (Other adventure sports available near Reykjavík include hang gliding, rock climbing, and even surfing.) Before arranging to take part in any sports or other activities, remember to read the fine print and carefully examine your available options - some travel insurance packages don’t cover adventure sports, while others have additional coverage available for purchase. Since travel insurance is a critical part of planning for your vacation, knowing the full details of your plan can save you time and money in the future.

Diving Into History

Established as the first Icelandic settlement in 870 AD, Reykjavík has gone through many changes in its long and storied existence, and exploring the astonishing depths of this history might just be the highlight of your trip. The city has a variety of museums which cater to a range of interests, including some fascinating “specialty” museums which are well worth a visit.

For visitors curious about the history and culture of Iceland, the National Museum of Iceland is a good starting point. Displays of everything from early art, to religious artifacts, to household items and furniture help bring the past to life, particularly for those interested in Iceland’s changing culture. If seeing artifacts of the past whets your appetite for something more impressive, there are a number of ways to experience history for yourself. The Árbær Open Air Museum recreates a traditional Icelandic village (complete with tour guides in traditional dress and “museum houses” open for exploring), while the Settlement Exhibition allows visitors a glimpse into the Viking Age. Of course, if all this history isn’t your style, you can always explore some of the city’s quirkier offerings, like the Icelandic Phallological Museum - better known by fascinated travellers as the Penis Museum.

Exploring Art, Culture, and More

Of course, the present day has its attractions as well. Located in a former port warehouse, the Reykjavik Art Museum is home to art and sculptures by some of Iceland’s most famous artists, and is responsible for many of the city’s outdoor sculptures. If live performances are more likely to catch your interest, the Icelandic Opera produces 2-4 musical events each season at the spectacular Harpa Concert Hall, and the venerable Reykjavik City Theatre (founded in 1897) offers productions of both classic and cutting-edge shows. Once you’ve indulged your creative side, you can shop at the 170-store Kringlan Shopping Mall (the largest in the city) or the city center stores for fashion, mementos, and souvenirs.

Finally, no visit to Reykjavik is complete without a trip to Perlan. At nearly 85 feet high, this landmark combines all the city’s best: spectacular views of the city and coast, exhibition space featuring marketplaces and performances, and the Saga Museum. There is also a revolving restaurant and cocktail bar, allowing diners the chance to see the city from an entirely new perspective.

Reykjavik offers the exciting culture of a destination city, a long and fascinating history, and natural beauty which can’t be found anywhere else on earth. No matter what you’re looking for we know that you’ll find it here, giving you a vacation you’ll be talking - and dreaming - about for years to come.


Author: Julie Holden

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